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Travel Rip-offs and How to Avoid Them

Travel Rip-offs and How to Avoid Them

Let me share my travel tips of how to avoid theft, frauds and over-paying. 1.) Avoid baggage fees. Depending upon the airline you can pay $15 to $75 for the first checked bag, and more for overweight bags. When possible, pack lightly enough to carry-on one bag or...

Packing for Paris

Let’s face it, Parisian women are, at least by American standards, always stylish in unusual ways. So when visiting Paris, plan to “dress up” more than you would in other destinations. Packing takes more effort to select neat and fashionable clothes that are also...

Book: A Woman’s Europe

A Woman’s Europe captures the magic of the Swiss Alps, the French countryside, the streets of Moscow, the isles of Greece, the country roads of Ireland, and much more with a uniquely female perspective. Some women travel solo, others with friends, family, or...
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